Risk Intelligence: How to live with uncertainty

Here is an interesting RSA video aboutĀ risk intelligence.
In the event page from RSA we find out what is risk intelligence:

There is a special kind of intelligence for dealing with risk and uncertainty. It doesn’t correlate with IQ and most psychologists fail to spot it because it is found in such a disparate, rag-tag group of people such as weather-forecasters, professional gamblers and hedge-fund managers. Many people in positions which require high risk intelligence – doctors, financial regulators and bankers – seem unable to navigate doubt and uncertainty.

More information about this video is found on the same page:

Risk intelligence expert Dylan Evans visits the RSA to provide a traveller’s guide to the twilight zone of probabilities and speculation, arguing that we can all learn a lot from expert gamblers, not just about money, but in areas as diverse as dealing with climate change to combating terrorism.

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