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Robert Neuwirth: The power of the informal economy


An interesting video from TED about the another look at informal economy and it’s power.

More information about Robert Neuwirth are found at his speaker page :

In his 2012 book Stealth of Nations, Robert Neuwirth challenges conventional thinking by examining the world’s informal economy close up. To do so, he spent four years living and working with street vendors and gray marketers, to capture its scope, its vigor–and its lessons. He calls it “System D” and argues that it is not a hidden economy, but a very visible, growing, effective one, fostering entrepreneurship and representing 1.8 billion jobs worldwide.

More information about this talk are found in the following blog post :

“In System D, this is a store,” says Robert Neuwirth as he shows a photo of a woman sitting on a plank beside a canal in Makoko in Lagos, a booming shantytown built on stilts over the water. It’s a place where “there are no streets where there are stores to shop, and so the shop comes to you.” Another example of business synergy, global business and a business incubator? A garbage dump where local entrepreneurs congregate and create markets and services around reclaiming materials.


Simple failover cluster using UCARP on Ubuntu

Lazy Geek -:)

In this tutorial, I’ll show you the steps to create a simple failover cluster on Ubuntu using CARP. To make the things meaningful,we’ll create the cluster for Apache service but you can use it for any other service, which relay on IP.


Here is my Setup:

PrimarySrv: This is the main server, where I configured the apache and which act as Master (IP:
SecondarySrv: 2nd Apache Server where I configured the apache exactly like on PrimarySrv (IP : : Virtual IP address,created using Ucarp.

Ucarp is really simple, it works like this,when the PrimarySrv is up,it will assign the virtual IP to it, in case that PrimarySrv is down then it will assign virtual IP to the SeconadrySrv and when the PrimarySrv will come online, it will assign the virtual IP once again to it.

I assume that you configured…

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BackTrack Review by Example

A BackTrack 5 R3 review from Linux Action Show.

We use BackTrack 5 R3 to hack a remote box, and get root access. We cover the high and low points of the security toolbox distribution.
Plus – The outreach from the Linux community helping one of our own receive life saving medical treatments.
Then it’s your feedback…
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