Kelvin Doe (DJ Focus)

Who is Kelvin Doe ?

He is one boy who, thinking outside the box, build a FM radio station in a world without electricity.

At Kelvin Doe’s house in Freetown, Sierra Leone, having electricity had always been a rare event. So it might sound surprising that at the age of 10, Kelvin planned to start-up a local FM radio station and started assembling some salvaged parts. How would he get the power? He would build batteries, that’s how. At the age of 13, Kelvin managed to reverse engineer a battery, using acid, soda, a piece of metal, a tin cup, and sorcerer-like intuition.

Soon Kelvin had also built a 12V generator out of old DVD players, which he used to keep his battery charged. This in turn powered an amplifier, mixing deck and FM transmitter, also put together by Kelvin with discarded parts, old bits of wire he found in the dustbin — and, of course, bits of cardboard.

More information about this is found in the next article here.



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