Who controls the world?

This is an interesting video about finance, economy and our modern society in the context of the science of complexity.

James Glattfelder studies complexity: how an interconnected system — say, a swarm of birds — is more than the sum of its parts. And complexity theory, it turns out, can reveal a lot about how the economy works. Glattfelder shares a groundbreaking study of how control flows through the global economy, and how concentration of power in the hands of a shockingly small number leaves us all vulnerable. (Filmed at TEDxZurich.)

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One response to “Who controls the world?”

  1. Steve Morris says :

    To save people having to watch the video, you could summarise the conclusion as: Big multinational companies are owned largely by large financial institutions.
    I can’t say that I find the result surprising.

    I agree that for the sake of economic stability it would be better if ownership was more diverse. That would require either 1) more direct investment in companies by individual investors, or 2) an increase in the number of financial institutions.

    It seems to me that both of these could best be achieved by a reduction in financial regulations, not an increase.

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