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Transhumanism H+ symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a follow-up to my last post here about transhumanism, is an interesting podcast from Singularity blog about the new book The Transhumanist Reader from Natasha Vita-More.

What is transhumanism ?

According to wikipedia :

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.

Who is Natasha Vita-More ?

According to wikipedia:

Natasha Vita-More (born Nancie Clark in Westchester County, New York) is a university lecturer on transhumanism and the Creative Director of H+ Lab.

In 1982, Vita-More authored a Transhuman Statement; produced and hosted cable TV show TransCentury Update on human futures reaching over 100,000 viewers in Los Angeles and Telluride 1985–1992; founded Transhumanist Arts and Culture 1993. She was the Chair of “Vital Progress Summit” 2004, establishing a precedent for proaction of human enhancement. She was the president of the Extropy Institute 2002-2006. She currently advises non-profit organizations including Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, Adaptive A.I., and LifeBoat Foundation, and Alcor Life Extension Foundation, and has been a consultant to IBM on the future of human performance.

The Transhumanist Reader

This is a book about transhumanism and the human nature.

The book description (according to amazon) is:

The first authoritative and comprehensive survey of the origins and current state of transhumanist thinking.
The rapid pace of emerging technologies is playing an increasingly important role in overcoming fundamental human limitations. Featuring core writings by seminal thinkers in the speculative possibilities of the posthuman condition, essays address key philosophical arguments for and against human enhancement, explore the inevitability of life extension, and consider possible solutions to the growing issues of social and ethical implications and concerns. Edited by the internationally acclaimed founders of the philosophy and social movement of transhumanism, The Transhumanist Reader is an indispensable guide to our current state of knowledge of the quest to expand the frontiers of human nature.
Bellow is a the podcast I was talking about.

More information about this book and Natasha Vita-More are found here.

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