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The Violin, and my Dark Night of the Soul

This is an interesting video from TED about music that changes who we are and how do we feel.

In her quest to become a world-famous violinist, Ji-Hae Park fell into a severe depression. Only music was able to lift her out again — showing her that her goal needn’t be to play lofty concert halls, but instead to bring the wonder of the instrument to as many people as possible.

How Movies Teach Manhood

This is a video from TED about movies with a positive message.

When Colin Stokes’ 3-year-old son caught a glimpse of Star Wars, he was instantly obsessed. But what messages did he absorb from the sci-fi classic?

Stokes asks for more movies that send positive messages to boys: that cooperation is heroic, and respecting women is as manly as defeating the villain. (Filmed at TEDxBeaconStreet.)

Actually, the World Isn’t Flat

This is an interesting video from TedEd that answers the question : Are all of us interconnected ?

It may seem that we’re living in a borderless world where ideas, goods and people flow freely from nation to nation.

We’re not even close, says Pankaj Ghemawat. With great data (and an eye-opening survey), he argues that there’s a delta between perception and reality in a world that’s maybe not so hyperconnected after all.

Reasons For the Seasons

This is an interesting video about the astronomical changes that makes the seasons.

Why do some regions experience full-time heat while others are reckoning with frigid temperatures and snow?

And why are the seasons reversed in the two hemispheres?

Rebecca Kaplan explains how the shape of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Earth’s tilt on its axis affect the amount of sunlight each region receives

Why Do We Laugh When Someone Falls?

That is the question that Vsauce2 is trying to answer.

The Hobart Shakespeareans

This is an interesting video from TedEd about a new model in education.

A classroom shouldn’t be about a teacher talking. It should be about students doing. The Hobart Shakespeareans don’t play virtual baseball. They play baseball. They don’t play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. They play the guitar, and they are a rock band. And when these children stay late after school and come in on Saturdays to study Shakespeare, they don’t take a test on Hamlet. They act Hamlet.

Why Google Glass?

This an interesting video from TED about Google glass and the motivation behind it.

It’s not a demo, more of a philosophical argument: Why did Sergey Brin and his team at Google want to build an eye-mounted camera/computer, codenamed Glass?

Onstage at TED2013, Brin calls for a new way of seeing our relationship with our mobile computers — not hunched over a screen but meeting the world heads-up.

Get Ready for Marketing 2020

This is a very interesting presentation from about a few trends and advices for the marketing of the future.

The 2020 consumer is coming fast. Companies need to get ready for a new form of marketing. This presentation describes the capabilities and the organization needed to be successful in 2020.

Public Opinion Polls

This is an interesting video about out opinions and the importance of them.

How do public opinion polls work? And, more importantly, are they accurate? Jason Robert Jaffe reveals the complexities and biases of polls and provides tips on how to think about polls as we make everyday decisions.

What if You Were Born in Space?

What is our relation with outer space and how would we look like is we were born in space ?

Those are some of the questions that Vsauce is trying to answer in his interesting video.