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How Does Glitchy Art Show Us Broken Is Beautiful?

Can we make art from broken stuff ?

We all love broken things. WAIT WHAT?! Yes, you read that correctly. You may have noticed this thing called “glitch”, where people purposely push machines to malfunction, creating fascinating “mistakes”.

But instead of being frustrated and disdainful of these errors (like we usually do when our technology fails mid-workflow, grrr) we find them to be bizarrely beautiful! Why are we so interested in these images, music, or objects that are structurally or formally broken? Watch the episode and find out!

Gyotaku: The Ancient Japanese Art of Printing Fish

This is a video about an interesting a piece of Japanese culture – Gyotaku or the art of printing fish.

How did fishermen record their trophy catches before the invention of photography?

In 19th century Japan, fishing boats were equipped with rice paper, sumi-e ink, and brushes in order to create gyoktaku: elaborate rubbings of freshly caught fish. K. Erica Dodge recounts the story of this competitive fishing culture, plus some tips on how to make your very own etchings.

The Violin, and my Dark Night of the Soul

This is an interesting video from TED about music that changes who we are and how do we feel.

In her quest to become a world-famous violinist, Ji-Hae Park fell into a severe depression. Only music was able to lift her out again — showing her that her goal needn’t be to play lofty concert halls, but instead to bring the wonder of the instrument to as many people as possible.

The Art of Data Visualization

In this video from PBSoffbook we have an insight into what is data visualization and infographics and why they are such an effective tool.

Humans have a powerful capacity to process visual information, skills that date far back in our evolutionary lineage. And since the advent of science, we have employed intricate visual strategies to communicate data, often utilizing design principles that draw on these basic cognitive skills.In a modern world where we have far more data than we can process, the practice of data visualization has gained even more importance.

From scientific visualization to pop infographics, designers are increasingly tasked with incorporating data into the media experience. Data has emerged as such a critical part of modern life that it has entered into the realm of art, where data-driven visual experiences challenge viewers to find personal meaning from a sea of information, a task that is increasingly present in every aspect of our information-infused lives.

Sculpted Space, Within and Without

This is a video from TED about exploring the making space using out imagination in sculpture.

Legendary sculptor Antony Gormley riffs on space and the human form.

His works explore the interior space we feel within our own bodies — and the exterior space we feel around us, knowing that we are just dots in space and time.

Marc Eckō on Entrepreneurship as an Art Form

Do we see being an entrepreneur as an art form ?

Marc Eckō is the founder of fashion lifestyle brand Eckō Unltd and Complex Media. From painting t-shirts in his parents’ garage to dropping out of pharmacy school to start his business, Eckō has created his own path to entrepreneurship. Now, his venture capital fund Artists & Instigators is helping new entrepreneurs find their own way. Eckō says despite his success, his route to inspiration remains the same as it was when he was just starting out more than two decades ago. He says he finds ideas during quiet moments doing everyday things like working out or taking a walk at his home in New Jersey. Through Artists & Instigators, Eckō says he hopes to build his own brand of entrepreneurship, democratizing the process of starting a company and integrating the creative class and the business class.

How art gives shape to cultural change

Can art change the way we think about culture and ourselves ?

This is the question in this interesting video from TedEd.

Thelma Golden, curator at the Studio Museum in Harlem, talks through three recent shows that explore how art examines and redefines culture. The “post-black” artists she works with are using their art to provoke a new dialogue about race and culture — and about the meaning of art itself.

Be an artist, right now!

In this video from TED, we have to answer to a very interesting question : can we be artists right now?

Why do we ever stop playing and creating? With charm and humor, celebrated Korean author Young-ha Kim invokes the world’s greatest artists to urge you to unleash your inner child — the artist who wanted to play forever. (Filmed at TEDxSeoul.)

Artfully Visualizing our Humanity

A very interesting TED talk about visualizing (hidden) patterns.

Artist Aaron Koblin takes vast amounts of data — and at times vast numbers of people — and weaves them into stunning visualizations. From elegant lines tracing airline flights to landscapes of cell phone data, from a Johnny Cash video assembled from crowd-sourced drawings to the “Wilderness Downtown” video that customizes for the user, his works brilliantly explore how modern technology can make us more human.

Why you should listen to Aaron Koblin (from his TED Speaker page)

Aaron Koblin is an artist specializing in data and digital technologies. His work takes real world and community-generated data and uses it to reflect on cultural trends and the changing relationship between humans and technology.

How a Boy Became an Artist

This is a video from TED about becoming an artist.

When Jarrett J. Krosoczka was a kid, he didn’t play sports, but he loved art. He paints the funny and touching story of a little boy who pursued a simple passion: to draw and write stories. With the help of a supporting cast of family and teachers, our protagonist grew up to become the successful creator of beloved children’s book characters, and a vocal advocate for arts education.