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Mozilla – Bringing the Open Web to Mobile Devices

Here is an interesting peace of news – Mozilla is thinking of making an open “Open Web as a platform for mobile devices” as they call it, named Boot to Gecko project.

The Mozilla link of the project is http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/b2g/ and the article from Mozilla wiki about this – https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G

An interesting first look into this project in on lockergnome website – full link : A (Very) Early Look at Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko Mobile OS .

The answer of an question on Mozilla Wiki make me think …

Is B2G based on Android?

No. B2G uses some of the same low-level building blocks used in Android (Linux kernel, libusb, etc) in order to reduce the burden on ODMs/OEMs to bring up B2G on new hardware. However, B2G is not based on Android, and will not be compatible with the Android stack (in particular B2G will not run Android applications).


The highlights of the project, from Mozilla’s side are :

  • New Web Standards – The project will produce an implementation of these new Web standards to free mobile platforms
  • Freedom From Proprietary Mobile Platforms.
  • Opportunities for Developers – Using HTML5 and the new Mozilla-proposed standard APIs, developers everywhere will be able to create amazing experiences and apps.
  • Customization for OEMs & Operators – OEMs and operators will be able to provide content and services across their entire device portfolio, regardless of OS.
  • Consumer Freedom – Consumers who use devices based on the Open Web platform will be able to easily access and download their own content regardless of which OS they use.

This is certainly an interesting project to watch in the future !

BackTrack 5 R2 Linux Officially Released

One interesting piece of news is that BackTrack 5 R2 Linux Officially Released.

After months of development, bug fixes, upgrades, and the addition of 42 new tools, we are happy to announce the full release of BackTrack 5 R2 available for download now. Running our custom-built 3.2.6 kernel with the best wireless support available, this is our fastest and best release of BackTrack yet. In the past few weeks, we have had a flood of submissions to our BackTrack Redmine Tracker with submissions for many new tools and dozens of packages that needed to be updated and this has helped to make this one of the strongest releases we’ve ever had.

BackTrack 5 – Penetration Testing Distribution from Offensive Security on Vimeo.

Spark, First Linux Tablet Running KDE Plasma Active

There is an article on www.ubuntuvibes.com about a Linux Tablet Running KDE. Here is an except from that article :

Aaron J. Seigo, from KDE Plasma Active development team has revealed a tablet which could be the first device to come with Plasma Active pre-installed.

If you don’t know about Plasma Active project yet:
Plasma Active is a joint project by the KDE community, basysKom and open-slx. The goals for this open source project are to deliver a fast embedded UX platform with minimal memory requirements, provide customizable and modular to support different form factors and design an interface that adapts as users change Activities.

Plasma Active is intended for all types of tablets, smartphones and touch computing devices such as settop boxes, smart TVs, home automation or in-vehicle infotainment.
Here is a video of KDE Plasma Active, but not  Spark, but it gives a indication of what the tablet might do.
Take a look at the following blog post for some Spark answers.
Also watch The Linux Action Show from minute 40 for more in-depth look at this linux tablet.

Ideas for your open government

Today I found out an interesting article about open government. You can find the full article at the link http://opensource.com/government/12/1/ideas-your-open-government?sc_cid=70160000000U4njAAC

Here is an except from that :

Open Government Partnership is a global effort initialized by the government of United States to make worldwide governments better. To this date, 46 countries have committed to take steps to change their government to more open, more transparent, and more valuable for the citizens.

Individual countries are now working on their commitments for year 2012, and they will present them at an annual OGP conference in Brazil. This is a perfect time to join the process and clearly express what you as a citizen want from your government.