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How Networks Can Revolutionise the World

This is a RSA video about the impact of networks in our society and economy.

Economist and author Paul Ormerod argues that we need more than just ‘nudge’ theory in our networked, urban societies — we also need to grasp the perils and possibilities of ‘Positive Linking’.

The Emerging Mind

In this video from RSA Dan Siegel answers an interesting question : Do we have a working definition of the mind ?

Renowned academic, author, and director of the Mindsight Institute Dan Siegel, visits the RSA to reveal an extremely rare thing — a working definition of the mind.

Networks of Outrage and Hope

This is an interesting video from RSA about new social movements.

Leading sociologist Manuel Castells examines new social movements, new forms of change and political democracy in the global network society

Big Data, Small Government?

In this interesting video from RSA we get an insight into the risks of working with big data that is not done by our government, but by technology companies.

Tech sociologist Evgeny Morozov examines the risks and limitations of the “solutionism” of the smart future, where the temptation to enrol technology companies rather than governments in solving all of the world’s greatest problems will only increase.

Liberty and Security

Do we need a new vision of universal freedom ?

Distinguished human rights lawyer, barrister and academic, Professor Conor Gearty argues that a new vision of universal freedom is urgently required.

Design and Society

This is an interesting video from RSA about the impact of design into the society.

In the inaugural RSA Tindale Lecture, Alice Rawsthorn, leading design critic and author of the forthcoming book “Hello World: Where Design Meets Life”, explores the powerful and pervasive influence of design in our lives — and addresses design’s social responsibilities.

Responsible Business

This a very interesting video from RSA about a framework for responsible business.

Professor David Grayson CBE, director of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, visits the RSA to demonstrate how a new wave of corporate responsibility coalitions are collectively self-regulating, promoting good behaviour and responding to societal challenges.

Tomorrow’s Work

This is an interesting video from RSA about adapting to 21-st century.

Technologist Ben Hammersley asks: how do our traditional workplace models conflict with our new internet-driven expectations of how we might live and work to our full potential, and how might companies and organisations learn to adapt in the 21st century?

The Inequality Crisis

This is an interesting video from RSA about inequality and economy.

Economist and author Stewart Lansley argues that the surging income gap of recent decades has not only been socially corrosive, but is also at the roots of our national and global economic crises.

Making the corporation work for us

Can we changeĀ  the way we think about corporations and make them work for us and trust them ? This is the point made by Colin Mayer to RSA.

Colin Mayer calls for a new approach to how we run companies to ensure that the corporation contributes to, rather than undermines, our economic prosperity, environmental welfare and social well-being.