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Architecture for the People by the People

How do we design buildings using architecture for people ?

Architect Alastair Parvin presents a simple but provocative idea: what if, instead of architects creating buildings for those who can afford to commission them, regular citizens could design and build their own houses?

The concept is at the heart of Wikihouse, an open source construction kit that means just about anyone can build a house, anywhere.

Design and Society

This is an interesting video from RSA about the impact of design into the society.

In the inaugural RSA Tindale Lecture, Alice Rawsthorn, leading design critic and author of the forthcoming book “Hello World: Where Design Meets Life”, explores the powerful and pervasive influence of design in our lives — and addresses design’s social responsibilities.

Building the Seed Cathedral

English: Image of "Sitooterie II" de...

English: Image of “Sitooterie II” designed by Thomas Heatherwick. The structure is part of a collection of artworks in the grounds of Barnards Farm Gardens, West Horndon, Essex, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting video from TedEd aboutĀ bio-inspired designs.

A future more beautiful? Architect shows five recent projects featuring ingenious bio-inspired designs. Some are remakes of the ordinary: a bus, a bridge, a power station … And one is an extraordinary pavilion, the Seed Cathedral, a celebration of growth and light.

How to Design an Android App

This is a video fromĀ xdadevelopers about designing applications for Android.

In this episode new comer to XDA Developer TV Jayce interviews developers and people from the mobile ecosystem and gives you advice for designing an Android app. Interviews include Chris Haseman an Android Engineer from Tumblr and Dr. James Wu from Kobo Inc. Check out this video.

So God Made a Designer

A video “for the designer in each of us”.

Inspired by RAM’s commercial in this year’s Super Bowl featuring a recorded speech given by legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey (from the 1978 National Future Farmers of America Convention), “God Made a Farmer” — this “parody” with impersonation by Jim Meskimen ( http://www.jimpressions.net ) features, design, logo design, branding and a cameo appearance by Shark Tank star Daymond John. Written by brand identity specialist David Brier for his Fast Company blog, this celebrates what designers do to make the world a better place.

The Art of Creative Coding

Here is a video about some things that don’t intersect each other that often : art and programming .

Programming plays a huge role in the world that surrounds us, and though its uses are often purely functional, there is a growing community of artists who use the language of code as their medium. To simplify the coding process, several platforms and libraries have been assembled to allow coders to cut through the nitty-gritty of programming and focus on the creative aspects of the project. These platforms all share a strong open source philosophy that encourages growth and experimentation, creating a rich community of artists that share their strategies and work with unprecedented openness.

Design vs. Normality

Is design opposed to normality ?

Does enable social change ?

Tom Bieling is a design researcher with major focus on interaction. He is a visiting professor in Applied Sciences and Art at the German University in Cairo. In his PhD project at the Design Research Lab of Berlin University of the Arts, he investigates on the coherence between design and disability. He is also the founder of the Institute for Applied Fantasies, and Co-Founder of the Design Research Network.

The Universal Arts of Graphic Design

How does graphic design impacts our life?

Though often overlooked, Graphic Design surrounds us: it is the signs we read, the products we buy, and the rooms we inhabit. Graphic designers find beauty within limitations, working towards the ultimate goal of visually communicating a message, be it the packaging of a product, the spirit of a book, or the narrative of a building. Utilizing a language of type and imagery, graphic designers try to make every aspect of our lives defined and beautiful.

Leah Buechley: How to “sketch” with electronics

Can we design electronic circuits another using pen and paper ?

Designing electronics is generally cumbersome and expensive — or was, until Leah Buechley and her team at MIT developed tools to treat electronics just like paper and pen. In this talk from TEDYouth 2011, Buechley shows some of her charming designs, like a paper piano you can sketch and then play.