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Welcome to The Magic

Another view on Disneyland – Welcome to The Magic – A Disneyland Timelapse.

Over 20,000 images to show the one and only Disneyland Anaheim.

Creative Commerce

This is a video from Vimeo about the creation process of commercial artists and ultimately about creativity.

In Spring 2013 we set out for a month to make a short educational piece providing a glimpse of what it is like to work in the creative industry. The idea was born out of our own questions and struggles on how to deal with things that may seem out of your control.

The themes we decided to focus on were those of creativity, relationships, the pursuit of financial profit, and the many directions you can intentionally or unintentionally find yourself taking.

We hope the short provides direction in helping others pursue their own creative and personal goals by hearing first hand experiences. Thank you to everyone involved for your transparency and willingness to be involved.

The Human Brain Project

Here is another look at the Human Brain Project.

“It’s like building a giant telescope to peer into deep space, only that we’ll be able to look deep into the brain and ask questions that are impossible experimentally and theoretically. It’s an infrastructure to be able to build and simulate the human brain, objectively classify brain diseases and build radically new computing devices.” Dr. Henry Markram


This is a stunning video about the Voyager 1’s journey to space.

PostPanic director Mischa Rozema’s new short film, Stardust, is a story about Voyager 1 (the unmanned spacecraft launched in 1977 to explore the outer solar system). The probe is the furthest man-made object from the sun and witnesses unimaginable beauty and destruction.

The film was triggered by the death of Dutch graphic designer Arjan Groot, who died aged 39 on 16th July 2011 from cancer.

The Artificial Leaf

An interesting video from Focus Forward Vimeo competition about a technical challenge until now, can we build an artificial leaf ?

Dan Nocera has a simple formula to save the planet: sunlight + water = energy for the world.

Rethinking Solutions for the City

In an interesting post from Design Mind we get an insight into the urban transport for the next century.

Principal Designer Michael McDaniel believes that in order to adapt urban transportation infrastructure to the changing needs of the 21st century, we must take a radically new approach. At the PSFK Conference in San Francisco, Michael introduced a proposal developed at frog to update existing urban transportation networks with a system of gondolas that could inexpensively and efficiently replace our current model of public transport.

3D Printed Record

This is an interesting video about a 3D printed record that you can actually play.

I’ve created a technique for converting digital audio files into 3D printable 33rpm records and printed some functional prototypes over the weekend. These records play on regular turntables, with regular needles, at regular speeds, just like any vinyl record. The audio on the records is very low resolution (as you can hear), it has a sampling rate of 11kHz (a quarter of typical mp3 audio) and 5-6bit resolution (mp3 audio is 16 bit).

More information about this technique:

The record playing:

“Energy Waste” Recycling

Does the modern society wastes energy?

This next video from Vimeo is one way to recycle it.

Invented by a group of students, the “energy waste” recycling system produces free and eco-friendly electricity from light, heat, vibration, deformation and electromagnetic waves. Due to it’s high performance, this system can become the main power source of the modern city’s infrastructure.

EF – Live The Language – Paris

One of the videos from Vimeo Festival + Awards 2012 has in nice and interesting view on life in Paris.

BackTrack 5 R2 Linux Officially Released

One interesting piece of news is that BackTrack 5 R2 Linux Officially Released.

After months of development, bug fixes, upgrades, and the addition of 42 new tools, we are happy to announce the full release of BackTrack 5 R2 available for download now. Running our custom-built 3.2.6 kernel with the best wireless support available, this is our fastest and best release of BackTrack yet. In the past few weeks, we have had a flood of submissions to our BackTrack Redmine Tracker with submissions for many new tools and dozens of packages that needed to be updated and this has helped to make this one of the strongest releases we’ve ever had.

BackTrack 5 – Penetration Testing Distribution from Offensive Security on Vimeo.